Il pasto giusto di Mohammed for Aljazeera arabic

La specialità de Il PASTO GIUSTO, sono gli gnocchi: ne propone oltre 50 tipi diversi. Anche qui c'è un tocco egiziano nel proprietario, Ali, che lo ha aperto da 25 anni. Passato da pugile, Ali ha una lunga esperienza nella ristorazione in giro per il mondo, ma ha poi scelto di fermarsi a Milano per aprire una trattoria dal carattere rustico in una zona popolare. Il suo menu offre circa 50 tipi di gnocchi diversi e originalissimi.


Viaggio in Bangladesh a casa di Kartik

L'immigrato bangladese Kartik Chondro, 27 anni, lavapiatti, la notte del 29 ottobre 2017 è stato vittima di un pestaggio razzista, ad opera di un gruppo di ragazzi di estrema destra. È successo nel centro di Roma, città in cui nel 2013 la Procura ha aperto un’indagine sui “bangla tour”, spedizioni punitive organizzate da gruppi neofascisti contro innocenti bangladesi, una storia di cui un’inchiesta di “Repubblica” svelò i retroscena. Siamo andati nel villaggio di Chhaysuti, in Bangladesh, a trovare la famiglia di Kartik. Aloro ha detto che si è trattato solo di un incidente. «L'intera famiglia dipende economicamente da lui» racconta sua madre, Usha Rani. In un video in cui parla, da un ospedale di Roma, anche Kartik. Il testo del reportage è stato pubblicato sul “Venerdì di Repubblica” di oggi.


A film I’ve already seen

Lucania, a region in southern Italy in which tradition and folklore are still strong and vital, is experiencing a clash with the expansion of the oil industry. This process is irreversibly changing the territory, affecting local life, culture and society. The film documents some of the local people’s perceptions about the current situation, proposing an emotional analysis that digs into the past, surveys the present and tries to theorise a possible future through the narrative of these people’s lives, dreams and expectations.


This is not my home

A man looks back on the most significant events of his existence, bringing to light his past and stolen dreams. His words tell about his efforts to fight what he deemed as unjust and the outcomes of such efforts, recounting how life, death, tears, friendship and thirst for justice made him the man he is today. This story retraces the steps that took this man away from his home, away from Guatemala, all the way to the UK, and how he came to be living a life that doesn’t belong to him, in a place that is not his home.

Method: Life history in-depth interview, participant observation
Research area: sociology, human rights


Babrara Levittoux-Swiderska

Through a collaboration project between Italy and Poland, we are working on a monographic documentary about the life and work of Barbara Levittoux-świderska. The work consists of a journey through the life and crafts of an incredible textile artist who lived her most productive period during the 80’s.


Written by Sabrina Zorzan
Directed and edited by Gabriel Berretta


To death and back

Through an in depth interview, a young man is taken through an inner talk, revisiting hidden remembrances and
going back to the deepest and darkest frames of his past. He recreates and describes his experience with depression, self-harming, and ultimately, the attempt of suicide, confronting his present self, with the self of his past life.


Written by Donato Falotico
Directed and edited by Gabriel Berretta


Article of faith

Article of Faith is a portrait of Brooklyn-based activist Sonny Singh. A devout Sikh, Sonny wears a turban and does not cut his hair. These practices make Sikhs the regular targets of Anti-Islamic harassment and violence in the USA. Fueled by his own experiences of discrimination, Sonny organizes Sikh youth from across New York City in a campaign against school bullying with the Sikh Coalition. Their success leads to a initiative protecting 1.1 million students from bias-based harassment. (10-minutes, Directed/Produced/Shot by Christina Antonakos-Wallace / design and color correction by Kudu