Best time of my files

"the best time of my files" tells about a year spent in London, in the borough of Haringey. They’re mostly short tracks, for usually “over a threshold of two minutes there are only death and indifference”. It is certainly a record on diversity, or, better say, on the acceptance of diversity seen as a personal scourge as well as a nice dress to wear during the days of feast. 

the album was digitally released by in spring 2012, recorded and mastered in London (UK)

Cover design by Odri


Original soundtrack for the documentary film "All right - Gioventù Fascista", directed by Alessandro Marascia and Giuseppe Terella


released May 11, 2011

All songs written and performed by Kudu & the six orange mushrooms (Michele Morgante, Filippo Franchi, Giuseppe Lombardi) 

Special Guest drummer, Armando Croce. 

Mixing & mastering by Michele Morgante

Noriko-interstellar mistake

Live recorded at Rialto Sant'Ambrogio (ROME) January 31, 2006

Made in Italy for China

Jam session recorded in Rome (Pigneto) 2006

System hardware abnormal: Sax
Kudu: Guitar
Michele Morgante: guitar
Giampaolo Danieli: Bass
Alessio Pastorello: Drums

rough mix by kudu

Massage fromma landa

Massage fromma is an electronic tale made in winter 2003; in the enclosure of the hometown house, accopanied by the ghost of past and present. A journey of melancholic sounds, retournelle of a litany towars saturation; an unresolved attempt to escape for sure.

Mickey discovers magic

debut solo album, Recorded 'live to tape' in one evening with a Pro53 synth. A marvelous mystical experience and a fine example of excellent loneliness.

released February 12, 2003